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Hand Scrap Wood Flooring  | Massey Hardwood Floors - Dallas Metroplex, TX

In addition to giving a smooth, glossy finish to your hardwood floors, Massey Hardwood Floors also offers hand scraping for your hardwood floors. In contrast to refinishing, hand scraping gives a distinct rustic appeal to your hardwood flooring.

Hand scraping gives a much older look to your floors, so it is a great choice for someone who wants a vintage feel to their home. As early as the 1600s and lasting until the mid-1800s, craftsmen used a hammer and a chisel to scrape the floor in order to even out the difference between planks. This quickly turned into an art form, and wood floors started to have a warm, earthy feel that was unfinished. Even though hand scraping is done with a sanding machine today, it will still give that unique, made-by-hand look that is very inviting.

For families with active lifestyles, hand scraping your hardwood flooring is an excellent investment. Not only will you feel more at home with your wood flooring, but the rustic wood flooring will not show as many scratches, marks, or indentations. That can be a relief when you have children and pets running through your home on a daily basis.

Massey Hardwood Floors offers many different options for hand scraping your wood flooring. Our hardwood flooring professionals are very knowledgeable and will work with you on creating your unique vision for your hardwood flooring. The amount of hand scraping—small, medium, or a lot—is left up to the customer, depending on his or her style. Also, we will ensure that all details on this low-maintenance wood flooring are made a reality to bring out the personality of your home!

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