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About Us | Massey Hardwood Floors - Dallas Metroplex, TX

Massey Hardwood Floors is a family-run business that comes from a long line of dedicated hard workers. Jeff Massey, the owner, had a love for the supply and installation of hardwood flooring when he saw his grandfather’s commitment to running a hardwood flooring business. Jeff Massey’s grandfather established his business, Dallas Floor Surfacing Company, in 1932 on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas. Jeff joined his grandfather’s business in 1980, and by 1995, he had acquired enough knowledge and skill to start his own business, Massey Hardwood Floors in Mesquite, Texas. Jeff’s quality expertise in hardwood flooring led him to obtaining a certification from the National Wood Flooring Association in 1993.

Now, the Massey Hardwood Floors business offers many services to the Dallas Metroplex area, including not only the supply and installation of new hardwood floors but also ceramic and tile floors for both commercial and residential areas. Massey Hardwood Floors has also expanded to installing wood flooring for gym and sports floors. Massey Hardwood Floors has become the standard when it comes to prompt installation and rich, quality wood flooring. Whether you need wood flooring refinishing, wood flooring installation, or hand-scraped wood flooring, Massey Hardwood Floors will provide excellent workmanship and service!

For a free estimate on any of our services or for a general inquiry you may have about our services, call Massey Hardwood Floors (972) 329-1753 today! Our customer support staff will happily answer all of your questions.