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Jeff Massey’s grandfather started Dallas Floor Surfacing co. in 1932 located in Dallas.

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Wood Flooring Refinishing  | Massey Hardwood Floors

If you have already made an investment in hardwood flooring or have moved into a new home with hardwood flooring...

Wood Floor Install  | Massey Hardwood Floors

Our expert wood flooring staff understands the importance of investing in quality wood flooring that will...

Hand Scrap Wood Flooring  | Massey Hardwood Floors

In addition to giving a smooth, glossy finish to your hardwood floors, Massey Hardwood Floors also offers...

Don’t hesitate to contact Massey Hardwood (972) 329-1753 today! Our supportive customer service staff is always available. We will be more than happy to provide you with free estimates on services and answer any questions you may have about a particular service.

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Massey Hardwood Floors, based in Mesquite, Texas, is an established and trusted business that supplies and installs beautiful wood flooring to the Dallas Metroplex area. Having been in business since 1995, Massey Hardwood Floors understands the needs of its customers who want wood flooring for their new or remodeled homes. You can be assured that Massey’s unique hardwood flooring will give your home a timeless, elegant feel.

Among the services that Massey Hardwood Floors can provide are: hardwood floor refinishing for flooring that is already installed in your home; wood flooring installation; and hand-scraped wood flooring. Massey Hardwood Floors also installs durable wood flooring for sports and gym floors.

You will be in good hands with the dedicated and skilled staff at Massey Hardwood Floors. Our staff members are prompt and will come the very next day to install wood flooring. It has long been a motto at Massey Hardwood Floors that the customer’s needs come first, so our committed staff will take their time to create a finished, professional look to your home with our hardwood floors. The excellent craftsmanship of our hardwood floors is always guaranteed.

Also, Massey Hardwood Floors has many budget-friendly options for wood flooring, and the knowledgeable staff will provide you with samples first to find wood flooring that will match the design of your home. With the wood flooring from Massey Hardwood Floors, your home will be welcoming and will have a depth of character it never had before. Also, you can feel secure knowing that your newly installed quality wood flooring has great longevity, and there will be almost no need for future repairs or replacements!

So, make a great investment for your residential home or gym, and call Massey Hardwood Floors (972) 329-1753 today! Our friendly customer service staff is always available to help and will answer any questions you may have in depth about one or more of our services. Our customer service staff is also happy to give you free estimates on any other service you are interested in!